Monday, 28 January 2013

Colibri | Spiros Halaris 2013

Colibri | Spiros Halaris 2013 

I am really excited to unveil the first round of teasers from a one of a kind collaboration with French luxury brand Colibri. Exclusive designs will be carried out in very limited quantities on Apple and Leica products. They will each be signed, numbered, and delivered with a certificate of authenticity in selected concept stores around the world.

In the customization process, Colibri utilizes an anodic treatment, similar to the one used on luxury automobiles, to implement the application of each design. With a broad palette of colours, Colibri is able to create products that are distinctive, beautiful and useful. Each piece is handcrafted and shipped in a protective gift box.

Excited much?!

Coming in 2013!

iPad| Colibri X Spiros Halaris 2013 

iPad| Colibri X Spiros Halaris 2013

iPhone 5| Colibri X Spiros Halaris 2013
iPhone 5| Colibri X Spiros Halaris 2013

Macbook Pro| Colibri X Spiros Halaris 2013


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Harrods Style Studio - S/S13

Harrods Style Studio app
The new February issue of Harrods magazine is out featuring the Spring Summer '13 update of Style Studio, a new app that allows you to style looks from this season's trends. I had the pleasure to illustrate this new application that includes a large variety of S/S13 collection. Take your pick and share your creations!
The Harrods Magazine is now available to download for your iPad at the app store App Store .

Tuesday, 15 January 2013